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Current and Recently Completed Dissertations

The following is a list of titles of current and completed dissertation topics at UCSB involving the Middle Ages:

Current Dissertation Titles

  • Under construction
  • "The State and its Discontents: Florentine Institutions and Tuscan Society, 1282-1382.” (Joseph Figliuolo-Rosswurm, Advisor: Carol Lansing)
  • “Parliamentary Talking Cures: Trauma, Poetry, and Political Speech in Late Medieval England and Scotland.” (Jonathan Forbes, Advisor: L.O. Aranye Fradenburg)
  • "The Wound That Makes Whole: Bleeding and Intersubjectivity in Late Middle English Romance.” (Rachel Levinson-Emley, Advisor: L.O. Aranye Fradenburg)
  • "Active Passions: The Ethics of Auto-Affection in the Literature of Late-Medieval England." (Paul Megna, Advisors: Carol Pasternack, L.O. Aranye Fredenburg, Heather Blurton)
  • "Hagiography and Speculative History in Anglo-Norman England (Shay Hopkins, Advisor: Heather Blurton)
  • “The Temple Well Purged or the Spoil of Traditional Religion? Negotiating Religious Identity at the Local Level during the Tudor Reformations, 1530--1553.” (William Keene Thompson; Advisor: Hilary Bernstein)
  • "Gender Work and Economic Power: Elite Women in Late Medieval Douai.” (Sarah Hanson, Advisor: Sharon Farmer)
  • “Transmission of Knowledge to and between Women in 15th-Century France: Agnès de Bourgogne’s Education and Books.” (Sarah Kaplan, Advisor: Cynthia J. Brown)
  • “Color's Absence: The Visual Language of Grisaille in Burgundian Manuscripts.”( Sophia Rochmes, Advisor: Mark A. Meadow)

Completed Dissertation Titles

  • Healing Heart, Mind and Soul: Emotional Distress in Fourteenth-Century Provence (Nicole Archambeau, 2009, Advisor: Sharon Farmer)
  • Convent as Classroom: The Education of Women in Fifteenth-Century Italy (Jessica Weiss, 2010, Advisor: Carol Lansing)
  • A Sign of the Apocalypse or Christendom’s Ally? European-Mongol Relations in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries (Colleen Ho, 2013, Advisor: Carol Lansing)
  • Provençal Masons and Cistercian Mythology : Sénanque, Silvacane and Le Thoronet (Christine M Bolli, 2007, Advisor: C. Edson Armi)
  • A Death So Sublime: Theorizing Death and Dying in Medieval England (Donna Beth Ellard, 2010, Advisor L. O. Aranye Fradenburg)
  • Jewish Women and Their Community in Late Medieval and Renaissance Perugia (Karen Frank, 2012, Advisor: Carol Lansing)
  • Heresy and Religious Life in Fourteenth Century Piedmont (John Scholl. 2012, Advisor: Carol Lansing)
  • The Changing Status of Converted Jews in Thirteenth and Fourteenth Century Northern France (Jessica Elliott, 2014, Advisor: Sharon Farmer)
  • Rogier van der Weyden’s Seven Sacraments Altarpiece : The Intertwining of Liturgical and Devotional Practice (Jennifer Hammerschmidt, 2005, Advisor: Mark Meadow)
  • Peaceweavers Sisters: Medieval Noblewomen as Military Leaders in Northern France, 1000-1337 ( Katrin Sjursen, 2010, Advisor: Sharon Farmer)
  • Landscape, Politics, and Identity: Countess Mahaut of Artois’ Natural Resource Management, c. 1302-1329 (Abigail Dowling 2014, Advisor: Sharon Farmer)
  • A Kind of Marriage: Marriage in Dispute in Medieval Lucca (1341-1361) (Corinne Wieben, 2010, Advisor: Carol Lansing)
  • Now She is Martha, Now She is Mary: Beguine Communities in Medieval Paris (1250-1470) (Tanya Stabler, 2007, Advisor: Sharon Farmer)
  • The Pistoia Choirbooks: An Introduction to the Sources and Repertory (James Vincent Maiello, 2007, Advisors: Alejandro E. Planchart; William F. Prizer)
  • Caring for the Blind in Medieval Paris: Life at the Quinze-Vingts, 1250-1500 (Mark O'Tool, 2007, Advisor: Sharon Farmer)
  • Sicilian Counterpoint: Power and Pluralism in Norman Sicily (Joshua C. Birk, 2006, Advisor: Carol Lansing)  
  • Alliterative Revivalism: Oppositional Poetics in Late Medieval Britain  (Randy Schiff , Advisors: L. O. Aranye Fradenburg; Carol Braun Pasternack)
  • Consuming Passion: Poetics of the Eucharist in Late Medieval England (Zia Isola, 2005 Advisors: L.O. Aranye Fradenburg and Michael O'Connell)
  • Survival and Profit: Witnessing Groups in Post-Vespers Palermo (Mary Lampe, 2007, Advisor: Carol Lansing)
  • Risking Desire: Chaucerian Representations of Erotic Love and the Pagan Past (Alexandra Cook, 2006, Advisors: Aranye Fradenburg and Carol Pasternack)
  • The Editions and Content of the Crónica Troyana in Late Medieval and Early Modern Iberia (Erin Marisa Rebhan, 2006, Advisor: Harry L. Sharrer)
  • For the Sake of the University of Paris: Jean Gerson, Theological Reform and Secular-Mendicant Conflict (1384-1429) (Nancy McLoughlin, 2005, Advisor: Sharon Farmer)
  • Medieval Notaries: Family, Profession and Popular Politics in Thirteenth-Century Bologna (Brian Carniello, 2005, Advisor: Carol Lansing)
  • Carpe Ecclesiam: Households, Identity and Violent Communication Church and State Under Edward I) (Andrew Miller, 2003, Advisor: Sharon Farmer)
  • "Modor of Mercy/Empress of Helle": The Ambivalence of the Virgin in Late Medieval England (Katherine Koppelman, 2002, Advisor: L. O. Aranye Fradenburg)
  • Soldiers and Settlers: The Knights Templar in Portugal, 1128-1319 (Jose Valente, 2002, Advisor: Francis Dutra)
  • Woman as Heretic: Gender and Lay Religion in Late Medieval Bologna (Susan Snyder, 2002, Advisor: Carol Lansing)
  • Dis-Orientation: Master-narratives and Counter-reading of Medieval Writings about Alterity (Eileen Fung, 2001, Advisor: L. O. Aranye Fradenburg)
  • The Ecclesiastica Construction of Illegitimacy in the Middle Ages (Laura Wertheimer, 2000, Advisor: Sharon Farmer)
  • Adolescence in Medieval Culture: The High Medieval Transformation (Fiona Harris Stoertz, 1999, Advisor: Sharon Farmer)
  • Angels on the Edge of the World: Alterity and Identity from Aelfric to Chaucer (Kathy Lavezzo, 1999, Advisor: L. O. Aranye Fradenburg)
  • The Reproductive Unconscious in Late Medieval and Early Modern England (Jennifer Hellwarth, 1999, Advisor: Carol Braun Pasternack)
  • Shaping the Crown of Gold: Constructions of Royal Identity in the First Kingdom of Jerusalem (Deborah Gerish, 1999, Advisor: Sharon Farmer)
  • Constructing Authorship in the Late Middle Ages: A Study of the Books of Guillaume de Machaut, Christine de Pizan and Jean Lemaire de Belges (Deborah McGrady, 1997, Advisor: Cynthia J. Brown)
  • Power and Lordship in Maine, c. 890-1110 (Richard Barton, 1997, Advisor: Sharon Farmer)
  • War, Gender, and Religion in Tenth-Century England: Struggles for Identity in Anglo-Saxon Texts (Janice Grossman, 1996, Advisor: Carol Braun Pasternack)

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