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Chris Wickham, University of Birmingham.
"Violence in Land Disputes in Twelfth-Century Tuscany.”

4:00 PM, Thursday, May 19, 2005. Harbor Room, University Center , UCSB.

Professor Wickham is one of the editors of Past and Present, a Fellow of the British Academy, the Chair of the British School of Rome’s Publications Committee, and a Group Leader of the European Science Foundation’s Transformation of the Roman World Project. This event is of interest to historians and scholars of law, conflict resolution, Medieval and Renaissance Italy, and Italian culture.

His interests are in early medieval Italy; settlement patterns in medieval Italy, including archaeology. He is currently writing a book on the socio-economic history of post-Roman Europe and the Mediterranean, 400-800, a comparative analysis of all the post-Roman regions from Denmark to Egypt, using documents, narratives and archaeology.

His publications include: Early Medieval Italy: Central Power and Local Society, 400-1000. London: Macmillan, 1981, rpt. 1989; Studi sulla società degli Appennini nell'alto Medioevo: contadini, signori e insediamento nel territorio di Valva (Sulmona). Bologna : Clueb, 1982; Il problema dell'incastellamento nell'Italia centrale: l'esempio di San Vincenzo al Volturno. Florence: Edizioni all'insegna del giglio, 1985; James Fentress and Chris Wickham, Social Memory. Oxford: Blackwell, 1992; The Mountains and the City: The Tuscan Appennines in the Early Middle Ages. Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1988; Essays Presented to Philip Jones, edited by Trevor Dean and Chris Wickham. London: Hambledon Press, 1990; Land and Power: Studies in Italian and European Social History, 400-1200. London: British School at Rome, 1994; Dispute ecclesiastiche e comunità laiche: il caso di Figline Valdarno (XII secolo). Figline Valdarno: Comune di Figline Valdarno, 1998; Legge, pratiche e conflitti: tribunali e risoluzione delle dispute nella Toscana del XII secolo. Rome: Viella, 2000; The Long Eighth Century. Edited by Inge Lyse Hansen and Chris Wickham. Leiden: Brill, 2000; City and Countryside in Late Medieval and Renaissance Italy: Courts and Conflict in Twelfth-Century Tuscany. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003; forthcoming Framing the Early Middle Ages: Europe and the Mediterranean, 400-800, September 2005.

For further information, contact Edward D. English or 893-3167.


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