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UCSB Medieval Studies Program
2005 Winter Colloquium
Saturday, February 12th
Centennial House

Travel in the Middle Ages

Please register here or contact Edward D. English at 893-3167 or english@history.ucsb.edu.

9:30 am - Jay Rubenstein (Assistant Professor, History, University of New Mexico)
'Journey to the Center of the Earth: The Holy Land in Chronicles of the First Crusade'
Respondent: Richard Hecht, Department of Religious Studies, UCSB
11:00 am - Daniel Birkholz (Assistant Professor, English, University of Texas at Austin)
'Harley Lyrics & Hereford Clerics: The Implications of Mobility, c.1300-51'
Respondent: Richard Helgerson, Department of English, UCSB
Lunch 12:30-1:30 pm
1:30 pm - Marina Tolmachëva (Professor, History, Washington State University)
'From Ptolemy to Idrisi to Ibn Said al-Maghribi: A double puzzle in the Islamic cartography of Africa and the Indian Ocean'
Respondent: Joshua Birk, Department of History, UCSB
3:00 pm - Suzanne Akbari (Associate Professor, English, Comparative Literature, Medieval Studies, University of Toronto)
'Currents and Currency in Marco Polo's Divisement dou monde and The Book of John Mandeville'
Respondent: Yunte Huang, Department of English, UCSB
Reception 4:30-5:30


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