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Past Courses

Listed below are some of the medieval studies courses that have been offered in the past. Keep in mind that classes are apt to shift.

For more information about these courses, please click on the links below to consult the departmental websites.


  • Medieval Religious History
  • Medieval Historiography
  • Popular Religion (European)
  • History 201E, Historical Literature: Medieval Social History
  • History 201E, Advanced Historical Literature: Topics have included women and religion in the middle ages, gender and poverty in the middle ages
  • History 215E-F, Research Seminar in Medieval Social History
  • History 217D, Feminist Perspectives on Jewish and Christian Tradition
  • History 157B, History of Brazil
  • History 119, The Crusades and the Near East, 1095-1291
  • History 145A, The Formation of Islamic Civilization, 600-945 C.E.
  • History 145B, The Islamic World, II: Expansion and Consolidation, 1000-1700
  • History 145Q, Tradition and Modernity in Islamic Political Thought: Islam and Democracy

French and Italian

  • Medieval and Renaissance French Civilization
  • Old French
  • Advanced Critical Writing
  • Medieval Drama


  • From Scroll to Screen
  • Masculine and Feminine Bodies in the Texts of Medieval England
  • Introduction to Old English
  • Beowulf
  • Textuality of Medieval and Renaissance Literature
  • Writing the Middle Ages
  • Courtly Love
  • The Culture of Poverty in the Middle Ages
  • The Holy Grail
  • Chaucer
  • Literature of the Hebrew Scriptures
  • Literature of the New Testament
  • Biblical Narrative

Spanish and Portuguese

  • Bibliography and Methods of Research
  • Textual Scholarship and Textual Criticism
  • Fernão Lopes and Medieval Portuguese Historiography

Religious Studies

  • GLOBL 102: Global Religion (with Mark Juergensmeyer, Global and International Studies)
  • RS 113: Religion and Film
  • RS/SOC 131H: Religion and Politics in the City: The Case of Jerusalem
  • RS 132: The Contemplative Life (with B. Alan Wallace)
  • RS 134: Religion and Violence
  • RS 250: Seminar in the History of Religons
  • RS 10E-F: Intermediate Arabic
  • RS 119A: Epics of the World
  • RS 148A-C: Advanced Arabic
  • CL 32: Literatures of the Middle East
  • RS 211: Orality, Literacy and the Study of Religion (graduate)
  • RS 289A-C: Arabic Literary Readings (graduate)


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