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Required Courses

As the graduate and undergradute programs for medieval studies diverge quite noticeably, the requirements will be listed by the program level.

Undergraduate Courses

History 4A-B is the required introduction to the major, and students are strongly encouraged to gain a reading knowledge of Latin and one modern European language. Depending on the student's interest in graduate work and his/her field, knowledge of Hebrew, Arabic, or Greek may be needed.

Forty units of approved courses from a number of different departments are required to fulfill the medieval studies major. These units will have to be shaped into a "coherent program" with the help of an advisor. Please see the undergraduate page for details.

Graduate Courses

Twenty-two units of required courses are required to earn the Graduate Emphasis in Medieval Studies. They are as follows:

  • Medieval Latin (Latin 103, 4 units)
  • One four-unit course in a vernacular, western European or middle eastern medieval language (English 205A, English 205B, English 205C, English 230, French 227AA-ZZ, Spanish 222A, Spanish 222B, Portuguese 205A, Religious Studies148A, Religious Studies 148B, Religious Studies 148C, Religious Studies 210).
  • One of the following four-unit courses: Medieval Paleography; and/or Diplomatics; or History 215S, 215T [these have been offered in the past, but are not currently offered by the History Department]. You may also substitute the appropriate equivalent from another institution.
  • Medieval Studies 200A-B-C. This is a year long, 2-unit course; students must enroll for all three quarters consecutively. You may also enroll in the course more than once.
  • Eight additional units in graduate courses on medieval topics.


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