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Medieval Studies at UCSB

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Undergraduate Program

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Bachelor of Arts -- Medieval Studies

How do I prepare for the major?
You will need to take History 4A-B. If you are planning work on the graduate level, a reading knowledge of Latin and of at least one modern European language will be necessary. In certain fields, Hebrew, Arabic, or Greek may also be needed. For students not planning graduate work, a language is desirable, but not required.

To whom do I speak to about declaring the major?
For questions about the major, please call 893-2992, or go to the History Department. You may also want to talk to your professors in medieval studies classes you've had about questions about the field.

What does it mean that I "build" my major? Aren't there specific course requirements?
Medieval Studies is an interdisciplinary program, which means that each student's major will look different according to his or her interests. For example, someone interested in medieval French literature will have a much different set of courses than someone working on medieval Middle Eastern history.

However, there are some requirements involved with building the major. An upper-division major will require forty units from the following list of courses, with the selection forming a coherent program that must be approved a member of the medieval studies committee. Those courses include:

Students may also submit petitions to the chair of the Medieval Studies Program to have other appropriate courses count towards the major.

Can I double-major in Medieval Studies?
Yes, you can double-major.

Is there a Medieval Studies minor?
At this time, there is no minor in Medieval Studies.

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